Parking Information

Parking Information for Southpointe Adult High located on the JATC North Campus

The parking lot for Southpointe Adult High School and the JATC North Campus is owned and operated by the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). All faculty, students, parents, and other visitors MUST follow SLCC policies and rules in the parking lots.

Anyone coming to the campus MUST have a permit.  Parking tickets cannot be waived by Southpointe or JATC personnel.  All parking appeals must be made to SLCC.   SLCC parking policies and rules can be found at


Drive by the Kiosk located across from the Jordan Distribution Center (JDC) when arriving on campus and type in the code below.

Kiosk Location

CURRENT CODE: Available to current students and upon registration

Full Map:

Place the daily parking permit on the dashboard of your vehicle.  The ticket is good for parking for the day.  Each time you come to school, use the code above to obtain your ticket.  Codes are changed monthly.

Other parking options available to students through SLCC:

ANNUAL –$40 — Annual permit valid from day of purchase through August 31 of the next school year. Permit fees are prorated, depending on your purchase date.

SEMESTER$20 — Semester permit valid from the start date to the end of the semester.  You can purchase a parking permit online or at seven of our campuses.

COURTESY PERMIT-. $2 day, $3 week, $5 month are available through SLCC twice per semester.  If you have a hangtag permit and need to drive a different vehicle for a temporary period, you must purchase a temporary permit for that vehicle.

Visitor Parking 20 Minute free Parking meters, $2 day, $3 week, $5 month.

For more information, call Parking Services at 801-957-4011 or visit their website at: online purchases must be picked up at the Redwood Road Campus.

All SLCC Locations:

The following items will be needed when obtaining a parking pass:

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Name
  • Address
  • Signature
  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Brand
  • Student# if you have one

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