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Diploma Courses

Three flexible programs types are offered at Southpointe High.

  • Teacher Instructed Classes
  • PASS (Personalized Assisted Student Studies) Packets
  • Online courses that are Internet-based

Teacher Instructed Classes
Attend Math Essentials, Language Arts Writing, Digital Studies, U.S. History, Science, and Government & Citizenship classes in a traditional setting with teacher-directed learning activities. See current quarter class schedule.

PASS (Personalized Assisted Student Studies) Packets- Many full courses are also available online through Canvas.
Study individualized curriculum packets at home or in Southpointe’s Learning Center. Earn .25 credit for completing two (2) packets and passing a corresponding test to demonstrate competency.

  • PASS Packet Topics
    • Science |  Fine Arts
    • Social Studies/Civics
    • Health |  Mathematics
    • Occupational Knowledge
    • Child Development
    • Language Arts
    • Financial Literacy

  • Online Courses (Complete online courses via the Internet)
    • High School Courses in Canvas