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Diploma Courses

Three flexible programs types are offered at Southpointe High.

Teacher Instructed Classes, PASS (Personalized Assisted Student Studies) Packets, and online courses that are Internet-based.

Teacher Instructed Classes
Attend Math Essentials, Language Arts Writing, Digital Studies, U.S. History, Science, and Government & Citizenship classes in a traditional setting with teacher-directed learning activities. See current quarter class schedule.

PASS (Personalized Assisted Student Studies) Packets
Study individualized curriculum packets at home or in Southpointe’s Learning Center. Earn .25 credit for completing two (2) packets and passing a corresponding test to demonstrate competency.

  • PASS Packet Topics
    • Science |  Fine Arts
    • Social Studies/Civics
    • Health |  Mathematics
    • Occupational Knowledge
    • Child Development
    • Language Arts
    • Financial Literacy

  • Online Courses (Complete online courses via the Internet)
    • GED Prep
    • Health | Social Studies
    • Secondary Math 1
    • Secondary Math 2
    • Science